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How to Join - Play Recruit!

Recruit is a hands-on approach to learning about the basics of offensive security.

It consists of several challenges that demonstrate introductory concepts in a CTF-style format.

Newcomers are highly encouraged to drop by the OSIRIS lab in 370 Jay Street, Room 1066, to ask for help.

Anyone can participate from anywhere at anytime, everything is online and hosted here.

Topics covered include:

  • Binary Exploitation

  • Cryptography

  • Digital Forensics

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Web Security

By solving all challenges up to and including a 300 point challenge in any one category, you have completed the first step in becoming a member. Stop by the lab!

Some programming experience is recommended, but not required

Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag are competitions where competitors can gain hands-on experience with offensive security through simulations of real world scenarios.

Our CTF team, NYUSEC competes in cyber security competitions almost every weekend throughout the year. We're playing most of the CTFs listed on as a team. We'll be playing as a team in RH219, come in for the team credentials per-event.

We welcome people of any skill level to come by and join us.

To learn more about CTF's, check this out.

Some programming experience is recommended

Cybersecurity Club (CSC)

Researchers and industry professionals are invited to speak about their projects and experience at Cybersecurity Club (CSC).

Check out the calendar for more information about upcoming talks.

At CSC you can:

  • Gain insight into the different concentrations within cyber security

  • Connect with industry professionals

  • Learn about relevant research efforts

  • Learn about lab research projects

Recommended for all levels of experience

Past Talks:

Mobile Security and Bug Bounties

Ken Gannon, MWR InfoSecurity

Applying Game Theory to Defensive Security

Kelly Shortridge , Security Scorecard

The Industry - Different Roles

Erik Cabetas, Include Security

Meltdown and Spectre Explained

Paul Kocher, Cryptography Research Inc


HackNight is a series of workshops in advanced topics for those who are comfortable with basics and are looking to expand their skills.

Every workshop aims to expose the audience to topics, tools, and skills that are currently relevant and applicable in industry or academia.

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced binary exploitation techniques

  • Advanced web exploitation techniques

  • Advanced reverse engineering techniques

  • Hardware hacking

  • Attacks against cryptographic systems

  • Presentations from industry experts

Some experience or knowledge of the topics covered in Recruit is recommended

Past Talks

Reverse Engineering using Manticore

Sai Vegasena, OSIRIS Lab

Building Secure & Reliable Infrastructure

Nick Gregory, OSIRIS Lab

Basics of Heap Exploitation

Leon Chou, OSIRIS Lab

Escaping Sandboxes

Brandon Edwards, Capsule8

Developing iOS Jailbreak Tweaks using Theos

Oskar Wirga, OSIRIS Lab

Being a Better Reverse Engineer

Kyle Martin, OSIRIS Lab

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